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The Modern Lives Vol. 1 Bundle

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Bundle includes: 
1 - The Modern Lives T-Shirt
1 - The Modern Lives Tote Bag
1 - The Modern Lives Vol. 1 CD

In The Modern Lives Vol. 1, Jackie draws inspiration from some of the great social paradoxes of our 21st century world: that the technology designed to simplify our lives can actually complicate them in ways we'd never imagined, that the most crowded cities can actually be the loneliest places to live, that the constructs meant to connect us to each other can actually leave us feeling more isolated than ever. Recorded entirely by Greene in a Brooklyn basement, The Modern Lives Vol 1. collection finds him playing every single instrument and serving as both his own engineer and producer. 

Shirt designed by Angie Pickman. 70/30 Comfort Blend, 100% organic, made in America. Wash inside-out for best wear life.