Jackie Greene the dig years cd album 2001-2005
Jackie Greene the dig years cd album 2001-2005 album cover

The DIG Years: 2001-2005 CD

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The DIG Years is a retrospective of the music that launched Greenes storied career. Included is an even dozen of Jackies most requested songs, plus 6 never-before-released tunes.

Tracklisting: 1. Gone Wanderin' 2. Travelin' Song 3. Georgia 4. Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right 5. Sweet Somewhere Bound 6. Gyspy Rose 7. Mexican Girl 8. Love Me Just a Little, I'm Down Here On My Knees 9. The Ballad Of Sleepy John 10. By the Side Of the Road, Dressed To Kill  11. Talkin' Midtown Women 12. The Red And the Rose 13. The Rusty Nail 14. Gettin' By 15. I've Come Undone 16. Falling Back 17. Down In the Valley Woe 18. Worn Out Welcome