Jackie Greene gone wanderin' CD 2002
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Gone Wanderin' CD

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Originally released in 2002, Gone Wanderin' is a slice of Americana with influences ranging from Dylan, Springsteen, Son House and Muddy Waters to Tom Waits and Howlin' Wolf. For those who enjoy well crafted, roots music, backed with unconventional wisdom and poetry, Gone Wanderin' demonstrates the capabilities and talent leading a new generation of musicians through the dusty back roads of American Roots Music to the promised land of new and innovative musical expression.

Tracklisting: 1. Gone Wanderin' 2. Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right 3. Travellin' Song  4. Mexican Girl 5. Down In The Valley Woe 6. Cry Yourself Dry  7. By The Side of the Road, Dressed to Kill  8. Freeport Boulevard  9. Judgement Day 10. Gracie 11. Maria, Maria (It's a Sin to Tell a Lie) 12. The Ballad of Sleepy Joe 13. Messin' With The Kid (with Mick Martin and The Blues Rockers)